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Pareto Network


Eric Lamison-White Co-Founder & CEO.

UMBC, Bowie State BS | Cryptocurrency developer since 2013, Manager of Blockchain Development Company, Former FDIC investigator, 8+ years of software development and engineering management

Ted Lanpher Co-Founder & CSOO.

Yale BA, UVA MBA | IBM Satellite Business Systems | Experienced startup CEO and entrepreneur in software apps, fintech, cybersecurity, enterprise blockchain consulting

Chiara Longo Chief Economist.

Univ. Milan, PhD in Economics., Bank of the West/BNP Paribas | 15 years in econometric modeling of commodities and currencies

Chris Eberle Chief of Content.

Syracuse Newhouse School BS, Harvard Business School Exec Ed | Facebook | Federated Media | Meebo (Google) | AOL | 20 years in digital content development and marketing. Writer, Speaker, Creator

Dr. Anna Becker Advisor | Lead Data Scientist.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology PhD, A.I., MS, Comp Sci | Designer of end-to-end multi-asset algorithmic trading platforms. 20 yrs. leadership in algo development for hedge funds

Colin Mo Communications Strategy Lead.

Northwestern M.S. Journalism | Digital media innovation focused reporter and technical writer

John Heffernan Market Analyst.

Former CME Group Member | 25 yrs. financial services and wealth management. Open pit and electronic trader in commodities, forex & derivatives on Chicago exchanges handling $ Billions in contracts. Expert in exchange operations and state of crypto trading technologies.

Ian Balina Advisor.

George Washington MS, BS | Prominent voice and investor in cryptocurrencies, prior work with IBM, Deloitte

Henok (Hen) Tekle Advisor.

Angel investor and advisor for token projects through Hen Global. Prior Compliance and IT Enterprise work with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Mayo Clinic

Brian Young Advisor.

Blockchain and crypto architectural consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Founder/CEO of Thor Technologies (acquired by Oracle), Expert in payments and identity management.

Christopher Aguilar General Counsel.

Univ. of California Hasting JD, St. Mary's BA | 25 yrs as director, general counsel and compliance officer in broker-dealer, asset management, and financial services firms

We built a true peer-to-peer content marketplace.

The Pareto Network is the first real-time actionable intelligence platform for investors.

Critical bug found in new hardware wallet, effects 10% of market. Here are the details to execute or short.

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NEO transaction demand from new AI infrastructure will affect GAS prices 35% according this analysis

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How to double spend on the IOTA tangle, before everyone else figures it out

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Vulnerability in Monero affects all cryptonote forks. Here are the coins that haven’t updated

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Chinese government planning to announce eased restrictions on cryptocurrencies, opening capital flows by 250%

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How does Pareto work?


Submit actionable investing intel

Content contributors (individuals, groups or organizations) create a broad range of information that may help network participants in making investment decisions in the cryptocurrency markets.

The content can take many forms from analyst reports & trading signals all the way to code vulnerability & security assessments.

Contributors submit intel to the Pareto Network because the possible earnings from the Network can be greater than attempting to trade on their own and carries less risk.


Pareto Network distributes the intel to investors.

The information is curated & structured by the network, and then distributed to token owners in a prioritized sequence.

An algorithm is used to determine the order in which Pareto token holders are presented with the information. The result of this algorithm is called the Information Waterfall.

By ranking higher in the Waterfall, a token holder can act on valuable information before people that follow, giving her a significant advantage.


Content creators are rewarded based on the quality of their intel

Upon receiving the information, traders reward the information based on its quality. As a result, contributors earn Pareto Tokens (PARETO) which they can choose to sell on secondary markets in order to generate revenue.

Content contributors are therefore incentivized to provide quality information to the network, as they can profit more than if they acted on it alone.

Traders make decisions from early and accurate information and they reward the contributor of the intel, as this allows the trader to receive new intel earlier.

The platforms aims to ensure that everyone gets paid.


What is the Pareto Network?

The Pareto Network is the first peer to peer financial content marketplace. It connects providers of financial information in the cryptocurrency space with investors, providing foresight into market inefficiencies and opportunities. Content creators can earn money by sharing financial information that benefits people in the network. When investors compensate content creators, their ranking goes up which gives them faster access to more actionable information in the future.

What is the problem that Pareto Network is solving?

Digital currencies are extremely volatile. The lack of specialized financial information makes it extremely hard for investors to pinpoint the tokens that will outperform the market, especially given that there are more coins being released every day.

The Pareto Network aims to bring forward information about market inefficiencies and promote more accurate price discovery. It therefore advances the level of understanding of cryptocurrency investment analysis and steers the markets towards correcting the prices of these assets..

What is the Pareto token?

The Pareto token, PARETO, is an Ethereum ERC20 compatible token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Its holders can use it to pay content creators on the network, and receive specialized information about investment opportunities before everyone else.

How can content creators benefit from sharing financial information on the Pareto Network?

Content creators who have knowledge but don’t have enough capital to invest in opportunities can still profit from their expertise by sharing information on the Pareto Network. The more profitable their information is for investors, the more votes and Pareto tokens they receive. The tokens can then be sold on secondary markets if they choose to do so.

How can investors gain access to exclusive financial information on the Pareto Network?

A ranking algorithm (the waterfall) is used to create a hierarchy of all token holders. The ones with the highest rankings get access to information before everyone else.

In order to rank higher in the waterfall, token holders have to spend Pareto tokens by voting on the content that benefits them. The number of Pareto tokens they hold and the amount of time they have held them for will also factor in the ranking algorithm.

How much will it cost to sell or acquire information on the Pareto Network?

Owners of the Pareto token will receive the feed of information coming across the Network as well as prior posted information. Token owners can spend (“vote”) some of their tokens to improve the time frame in which they receive newly released information. Votes have a cost in Pareto tokens that is set by contributors. Holders are incentivized to spend their tokens as otherwise their ranking in the network will decline over time.

Who are the people behind Pareto Network?

We are a global team of experts – cryptocurrency developers, serial entrepreneurs, investors, financial specialists. You can read more about our co-founders and team from here.

Where can I read the Pareto Network white paper in full?

You can read the latest version of our white paper from the link on this site.


Which wallets can I use?

You can use any ERC20 compliant wallet which you control the private keys for. A few good examples are My Ether Wallet, Parity, Mist, or Metamask.

How can I purchase ETH?

You can use fiat currency or cryptocurrencies to purchase Ethereum at some of these exchanges: Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex.

How will I know if my purchase was successful?

You can see if your purchase was successful by checking your wallet at

Can Pareto be traded at the exchanges?

Pareto tokens are transferable by mere nature of the technology. We will announce any listings as we become aware of them.

Where can I store my Pareto Tokens?

You can store your Pareto tokens in any ERC20 compliant wallet.